Our School..has it changed?

Our beloved school....Oh How I wish I could go back into time!!!!!!!!


Our School Song and Badge

Let's be proud of Our School Song and Badge!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Ex Tarcisians!!

Welcome Ex Tarcisians!

This is our Tarcisian family "cyberhome" where we can be there for each other, draw on the tons of experiences and expertise besides being kept informed of the happenings at our old school and gossip too!...

Most importantly... For all that we received from our parents, teachers and society in our growing years, it is now our responsibility make it better for our future generations too. Yup, it's payback time! :)

Each of us has a duty to shape and make our society better. After all, our society is us. If we don't care about the state of our society, we don't care about ourselves...
Lets start with our old school... I know you will come with a wealth of experience, ideas and goodwill. Remember our school/club project days? It's still the same!
Let's continue to perpetuate the spirit of Tarcisian. Let each of us be a guiding star and role model for our future generations to follow. In a nutshell, our SCHOOL SONG says it all.


Elizabeth Lourdes (1988)